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Florida Promulgated Title Insurance Rates



Purchase Price: 



$0 up to $100,000 - $5.75 per $1000 (min $100)

Over $100,000 up to $1 Million - $5.00 per $1000

Over $1 Million up to $5 Million - $2.50 per $1000

Over $5 Million up to $10 Million - $2.25 per $1000

Over $10 Million - $2.00 per $1000

Simultaneous Policy:





When both a Owner’s Policy (OP) and Loan Policy (LP) are to be issued.




Insurance Rate:

*Closing Charges

Closing Services Fee

Search Fee

Florida Documentary Stamps On Deed

ALTA 6.1 Variable Rate Mortgage ($25) (LP)

ALTA 6.2 Neg. Amortization Mortgage ($25) (LP)

ALTA 7.0 Manufactured Housing ($25) (OP/LP)

ALTA 8.1 Environmental Protection Liens ($25) (LP)

Florida Form 9 (10% of Insurance Rate) (LP)

Florida Form 9.1 (10% of Insurance Rate) (vacant land) (OP)

Florida Form 9.2 (10% of Insurance Rate) (improved land) (OP)

Navigational Servitude (10% of Insurance rate) (water front) (OP/LP)

Survey (survey not required for condo) (OP/LP)



*Estimated Total:


Title insurance premiums and fees generated by this rate quoter are for informational purposes only. Fees default for Owners Title Insurance Policy and transfer taxes (if applicable). Please refer to sales contract to determine the payor of such charges. Due to the variables affecting premiums and fees, please contact our office for a detailed quote specific to your transaction. Other fee's may apply. Reissue rates may be applicable if you have a prior owner's policy. Contact  South Florida Title Insurers for the costs when purchasing or refinancing.